As a partner to the Museums of World Culture, you combine business benefit with community engagement. The collaboration can link to your long-term CSR work, to connecting with the next generation about your business and brand, or be part of your long-term recruitment strategy.

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The Museums of World Culture are responsible for the international cultural heritage in Sweden. Through engaging exhibitions and a rich program offering, we are an up-to-date and active player in issues related to globalization, cultures and cultural meetings. Together with our partners, we work to make the cultural heritage accessible and broaden the perspectives of contemporary times.

The Museums of World Culture are located in Stockholm with the Ethnographic Museum, the East Asian Museum and the Mediterranean Museum and in Gothenburg with the Museum of World Culture. Together, the four museums have more than 800,000 physical visitors per year and just as many digital visits. A large proportion of our visitors are children and young people, and school programs are a very important cornerstone of our business. As a partner to us you thus reach a large target group of culturally and socially interested people of all ages.

The collections of the museums come from all corners of the world and represent thousands of years of human creation and creativity. In dialogue with our visitors, we want to promote the world's diversity and thus contribute to sustainable global development.
We are open to different types of partnerships. It helps us to create even more exciting programs and exhibitions and give value to our visitors. We offer our partners attractive, tailor-made benefits and exciting and different meeting places.

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