The history of Afro-Swedes

Intro image, the history of afro-swedes

The history of Afro-Swedes - who were they? With the help of new research, we can present the lives of both famous and unknown black people in Sweden through the ages. Read about them here.

The project 'Ongoing Africa' at the Swedish National Museums of World Culture aims to show our African collections to visitors in new and diverse ways. We want to give different perspectives on the relationship between Sweden and Africa, other than the traditional ethnographic. We seek to illuminate the connections that have long existed between Sweden and Africa, by lifting examples of people of African origin who came to live in Sweden before us. They were never numerous, but they were here and form part of Swedish history.  

Johanna Berg, the project's researcher and content writer, also works with digital development at the National Museums of World Culture. Maria Fröhlich, responsible for the visual interpretation of life stories and the creation of portraits, is an illustrator and children's author.